Husband and Wife Support Different Football Teams

Bob had spent most of his life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He had worked in a carpet factory located in one of the many industrial parks that surrounded the city. Bob had married Jen, a girl that he had met on a Caribbean cruise when he was in his late twenties. Both were avid sports fans, and because Jen had grown up in New Hampshire, she loved the New England sports teams. This could sometimes make things tense in the house during the NFL season. With their satellite television they were able to watch both the Steelers games and the Patriots games.

Jen worked for one of the banks downtown and made a salary big enough to support both of them, but Bob was not the type of person to be a house husband. They had two daughters who both went on to attend college at Penn State. When the daughters were in college, Bob and Jen started talking about moving away from the city. They began to look at properties in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. One weekend on a trip to West Virginia they found their dream property. They met with the Realtor and started getting the papers in order to purchase the house.

The property was 46 acres in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. There was a beautiful stone house that had been constructed sometime in the 19th century. Inside it had beautiful woods floors and high ceilings, with a massive fireplace in the living room. The previous owners had renovated the kitchen, and replaced everything with modern appliances. There was a wide open field in front of the house that led to the forest in front of the mountains. Their bedroom had a beautiful view of the mountain range in front of them. In the woods in back of the house was a beautiful creek with the remains of an old sawmill on one side. It would be a beautiful place to retire.

When their daughters finally finished เว็บบอล ufabet ออนไลน์ college, they both retired and put their house in Pittsburgh on the market. They moved their things into their new house and settled down. Jen would go hiking and Bob would go golfing to pass the time. When fall rolled around they were prepared for the football season. They didn’t have cable access at the new house and the only AFC games they could watch were the Steelers, and occasionally the Cleveland Browns. This was fine for Bob, but Jen needed to see the Patriots.

That Monday she started looking in the phone book for a satellite television provider in the area. There was a man named Leroy who had a small business installing satellite dishes at area homes. He came out that week and got them all set up. With access to NFL Sunday Ticket, Jen was able to get all of the Patriots games, and Bob was able to get all the Steelers games. Often times they watched the matches in separate rooms to keep tempers down. Much to Bob’s chagrin and Jen’s delight, the Patriots had a historical season that year and Jen was able to follow it, even though she lived in West Virginia.