Structural Drafting – An Innovative Structural Engineering Service

Structural drafting is a process of converting any user’s building design calculations and structure sketches into a descriptive detailed drawings. In simple words, it can be defined as a way of developing accurate structural drawings of building as per certain specifications. It is highly recommended these days in core construction activities as far as structural industry is concerned.

Basically structural drafting is one of the most recognized structural engineering services. It is a service that brings a lot of ease for users such as engineers, architects and builders. What it does is that it makes user’s mind quite clear about any structure’s dimensional specifications. Based on it, user can easily estimate about what amount of building material should be used in certain parts of buildings so that maximum benefits can be achieved in the business.

Use of structural engineering services in construction is becoming more and more popular these days. The main reason behind this is that such services bring innovation in various phases of building designrafting services and construction. One can get various quality structural engineering outputs by using such services. Amongst all, structural drafting is the most promising of all.

It includes detailed description of drawing symbols, dimensioning, structural design, detailed working drawings of steel and concrete structures. It applies to different types of building structures such as residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The amount of information that it provides is used during complete lifecycle of building – from beginning to end.

Some of the areas where structural drafting is widely used as follow:
• Residential structural drafting and design
• Steel structural drafting for steel building constructions
• Structural layouts with decking, joist for Reinforced Cement Concrete beam framing
• Bar Bending schedule of all Reinforced Cement Concrete structural elements as per relevant standards
• Reinforced Cement Concrete Chimney with reinforcement details

It is really an innovative structural engineering service and is really decisive for construction industry.