Why Bodyguard?

Individuals ask me, “for what reason do you actually utilize the term protector?” Some Individuals have been giving me a touch of trouble about the way that I actually utilize the word guardian, however there is a technique to my franticness! Allow me to clarify.

Most of people in general doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the modern wording for what we do. I know, the favored work title is EPS (Executive Protection Specialist) or CPO (Close Protection Operative). The truth of the matter is, a great many people who are NOT in the business know the expression “protector” and that is the thing that they will type in when they need to go online to discover more data. Web crawlers perceive the word and this acknowledgment implies my site is positioned higher and accordingly gets more traffic. More traffic implies more work postings, more stories, more data and by and large, greater network for us all around here.

For instance, did you realize that individuals in the entertainment world who function as group (gaffers, lighting individuals, best kid, holds, creation associates) are said to work “underneath the-line”? That is an insider’s term for those positions. You can perceive how somebody London Bodyguard services who isn’t an insider, who is attempting to find a film creation collaborator, suppose, would look by “creation associate” rather than “beneath the-line ability.”

Shakespeare said “A rose by some other name would smell as sweet,” and I might want to express “An EPS by some other name would in any case save your life.” It’s simply a word. I know it’s old fashioned and infers knuckle-headed larger than usual doofuses in dark suits and shades, however tragically, the remainder of the world simply hasn’t got on to the new wording. Until they do, I will keep on utilizing it in my accounts and articles, exchanging it as regularly as conceivable with the favored terminology. With any karma whatsoever, “guardian” will exceed everyone’s expectations the dinosaur